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"I engaged in sessions with Ruth via Zoom during lock down. I felt I was struggling to manage the new demands that placed on me and felt overwhelmed. Ruth helped me to find a way to manage this new way of living. I immediately felt calmer after the first session. Ruth was so easy to open up to, incredibly understanding and gentle in her approach. Working with Ruth made a significant difference to me. I'm so glad I chose to work with her".


"Ruth is a great listener and took a keen interest in every aspect of my goal. Ruth's collaborative style empowered me to make my own choices and find a plan best suited to me. Through working with Ruth I now feel more assertive and confident in my own abilities. I would highly recommend her".


"You taught me what it means to become my own rescuer; to hold my life with care and compassion, and to recognise my strengths and resources to guide me in times of anxiety and uncertainty. You helped me see where putting my needs first held power, and how a healthy boundary can set in motion a new, more satisfying dynamic in any relationship".  

Thank you so much Ruth!


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"Ruth really helped me to explore and understand some self-sabotaging behaviours at a time when I was very distressed.  She was always incredibly compassionate, non-judgemental and warm in our sessions.  My experience with Ruth really helped me during a difficult time.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth to any future clients".


" Ruth thank you for encouraging me to challenge my negative thought patterns and perceptions of situations; for being a mentor, a cheerleader, a sounding board for ideas, hopes, fears, successes and struggles.  I now feel equipped with the resources  I need to embark on my new journey of becoming the best person I can be, I'm so hopeful and excited for the future now". 


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